IQ. cash or how to become a leader in the crypto industry

Now there are more and more projects that are aimed at one of the niches of our daily activities. This is great, we have been waiting for this for many years, but at the moment, as strange as it may seem, there are fewer projects that are aimed exclusively at the crypto industry. You couldn’t just put up with it. And now a project that positions its activities exclusively as a useful product for miners, investors and even traders has appeared on the horizon. As it turned out later, the team has a working product, the coin of which is traded on many major exchanges. I smiled and started studying the IQ. cash project and its features.

What is iq cash?

IQ. cash is a platform built on its own blockchain and is focused on a number of areas that are not unique to our cryptocurrency. In this cohort, I would put traders, investors, and of course miners. We would also like to note another important fact for the financial sector — it is fast and anonymous online payments. And the last thing I would like to add when reviewing the project is the presence of a million active users in all corners of our planet. This is proved by the fact that the project does not stand still, but is constantly developing.

IQ. cash features

If we talk about the possibilities of the project, we should highlight several areas. Since traders, investors and miners are almost the driving force of the entire cryptocurrency, they are the priority of the project. Investors receive masternodes at their disposal, and those with more than 3,000 IQ coins will receive the majority of the extracted reward for the block. Miners who are also involved in the production of coins you will receive a slightly smaller share of the block. Traders can trade IQ cryptocurrency directly on exchanges. But this is not the limit. The leaders of this project are far-sighted people and they simply did not stop at one thing. They decided to invest in third-party, interesting and promising projects from the software industry, as well as in trading systems, trading bots, various startups and companies, as well as in improving their own ecosystem. All this, according to the creators of the project under consideration, should lead to becoming a leader in the crypto industry for fast and confidential payments among well-known financial companies.

Advantages of IQ. cash

As we know, each project has a strong side, that is, the advantages that it develops and this is what sets it apart from the gray mass of other similar projects. So IQ. cash has such qualities. Moreover, a sufficient number.


One of the main features of any cryptocurrency project is security. After all, sometimes investors invest a lot of money in such projects and it is not profitable to lose them either to the investor or to the project itself. Therefore, the creators of the IQ. cash project decided to grant access to the personal account only to its owner. This means that no one can access the owner’s personal space. Moreover, no one can block an account registered in the project. Why not decentralize?


Anonymity is the Foundation of cryptocurrency and it has a place of honor here. Therefore, the PrivateSend algorithm is used to transfer transactions within the network, which encrypts all personal data both when transferring assets and when receiving them. In this case, users fully trust the project and are not afraid that someone from outside will encroach on their personal data.


Decentralization is a postulate of cryptocurrencies and it has a special place in the project. Here you will not see what is happening in the real sector, that is, the dominance of someone over someone. Something similar applies to coins, the price of which is difficult to regulate due to limited issuance and lack of additional issuance.

The speed of transaction

For a project like, the speed of transactions is important. And in this case, this is provided by the InstantSend function. One such transaction takes no more than five seconds.

Countering ASIC

Oh, those ASICS. And here without their negative influence was not done. As we know, the miners used these devices for the production of coins. Unfortunately, this leads to increased complexity growth. And this, in turn, excludes from this process miners who mine coins at the expense of the CPU. To counter ASIC and reduce the complexity of mining, specialists use the most effective method — the NeoScrypt algorithm.

General conclusion:

What did I like about this project? Almost everything. Here I did not hear the promises of Golden mountains when participating in the project, which many others do just to attract investors. Perhaps that is why this project remained in the shadow of upstarts and continued to work, bring their beginnings to a logical conclusion. And now, when everything works as an ideal mechanism, the team decided to declare itself as a full-fledged player in this sphere. And this is very correct, since such projects with a good reputation and a finished product can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

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