Secured Gold Coin — Project overview

About the project the SGC

Secured Gold Coin (SGC) is a hybrid coin that is backed by 60 percent gold, is fully decentralized, free of entity manipulation, and has many utilities.

SGC coins are specifically designed for global use with a virtual wallet that eliminates the need to carry physical money with you. It is secure, stable, and can be used for all types of cryptography users without fear of a rapid decline in coin prices.

With the ability to spend, receive and invest SGC coins with your current SGC debit card, SGC coins have proven to be the most secure and reliable cryptocurrency available.

SGC project vision and mission

It revolves around empowering people with a proactive clean-up of digital currency that sweeps away hundreds of cryptographic tools that fail to deliver decentralization, stability, security, transparency, and usability.

Equality is one of the core values of the SGC, which will make it equally beneficial for everyone; regardless of their demographics or interests. From regular users to corporate users, hedge Fund users and gold bullion lovers around the world.

The SGC project is a whole package

Guaranteed by valid gold insurance on a physical bullion, which is stored in one of the safest and most secure locations and linked to an SGC debit card, 60% of the cryptocurrency backed by gold. The SGC project will provide the highest stability, security and usability that will make it the best cryptocurrency in the world, operate on the basis of demand and the principle of fair supply and protect financial freedom for millions of users.

The SGC project created a world with a healthy and fair financial system, free from manipulation, based on advanced Blockchain technology and using a highly stable cryptocurrency backed by stable assets that significantly solve the volatility problem in the cryptocurrency field.

The Secure Gold Coin community can now use the Secure Gold Coin Marketplace to directly sell and buy Secure Gold Coin, as well as earn large commissions.

As for secured gold coins, gold is subject to a dangerous change in function. Not only as a channel of financing, but also can be used as a means of payment.

This is undoubtedly good news for everyone, especially for gold lovers. This is a podium that allows you to buy or sell safe gold coins without any problems.

Using the podium in the safe gold coin market, when customers are worried about finding or selling safe gold coins, they only need to fill out the forms on the website, and when they finish filling out the forms, their machine will start cheating. After completion of all exchange procedures, new safe gold coins will be issued.

The reason for this podium in the market is to speed up every transaction system to directly purchase secured gold coins, eliminating the need to go through every difficult step, making it very simple and efficient.

Security token

Security tokens and security token offerings (STO) are new to the market. They were introduced to overcome the problem with tokens and service tokens. Security tokens offer users dividends from the company’s profits. They work together with exchanges. However, security tokens are more secure than utility currencies, but the problem of losing all investments in case of loss still exists. There is only a need for digital assets that can guarantee the user some value guaranteed to eliminate insecurity. The predicted sensation cycle also predicts a decline in security token liquidity in the coming years.



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